Camel Riding

About Pyndan Camel Tracks

Pyndan Camel Tracks is the only company offering camel rides in Alice Springs and the owner, Marcus Williams, has over 30 years’ experience working as a ‘camel man’ around the world. A true passionate about camels and their historic role in the Australian outback, he’ll be happy to answer your questions and show you how he makes saddles and ropes for his camels.


What’s a camel riding experience like? Nothing better than his words to describe it.

” ‘Cameleering’ has been my main job all my life. I started working with camels because they
completely enthralled me. I believe in looking after our beautiful country. I want visitors to my place to experience a gentle form of nature tourism in a natural area that leaves minimal impact on the environment. I want them to be able to hear the quiet of the bush and the sounds of the birds. The landscape around the MacDonnell Ranges is diverse in habitat. Many different animals such as kangaroos, dingos, birds and lizards plus big trees, small shrubs, grasses and tiny flowers coexist on the varying land forms like claypans, rocky hills, and sandy flats. I want to give our visitors the opportunity to explore this exceptional area and learn about camels and their history in the region. “





About the Tour

Tours usually run at three different times every day: 12 noon, 2.30pm and sunset (times may vary depending on the season). The camel ride starts at Pyndan Camel Tracks and goes into the White Gums Valley, for a total duration of approx. 1 hour. Booking in advance is essential to ensure your place in the tour.

You will ride into an avenue of Iron Bark and Mulga trees, across a clay pan flat, climb a slight incline where you’ll get sweeping views across the West MacDonnell Ranges and local wildlife. The views at sunset are particularly spectacular. Limited commentary is provided during the tour to encourage visitors appreciate the sights and the sounds of the desert environment.

Pyndan Camel Tracks has been awarded Nature Tourism Certification through Eco Tourism Australia.

Tours start from $79 for adults and $49 for children

Prices may vary depending on the season and times of the day.

What you need to know…

  • Booking in advance is essential.

  • Sunset camel ride departure time varies according to season.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that protects you from sunburn and bring sunscreen, a hat and a water bottle with you. Filtered water is available in the Camel Lounge.

  • Free transfers from Jump Inn approximately 30 mins before the tour departs. Please enquire at time of booking.

  • Self drive is possible, Pyndan Camel Tracks is located only 15 minutes from Alice Springs town centre. Please arrive at least 15–30 minutes prior to your tour departure.



Book Now via Pyndan Camel Tracks website or contact our Reception either via emailing or calling 08 8929 1609 and we will book the camel ride for you.